Annyeonghaseyo. I created this website not because I want the Bangtan boys to be popular. I want you guys to understand that there is nothing wrong with loving/learning another culture. I always embrace diversity whenever there is a chance. I chose BTS as my topic for this website because I feel that they deserved all the love in this world. I want them to feel that they inspire a lot of people and i'm so lucky that I have found them. I may be a new ARMY (their fandom) and not been able to support them when they are just starting, but rest assured that I will and always support them from this moment onwards.

I am Franz Dennis A. Maano and currently enrolled in Ateneo De Naga University in Bicol Region. I am a 4th year College Student taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Computer Management and Accounting. I am not affiliated with anything with regards to BTS and thus only considering myself as an ARMY.

I was raised in the Municipality of Balatan, Province of Camarines Sur, Region 5, Philippines. I always dream of becoming a lawyer someday because I always feel at home whenever I academically argue with others. Why am I so appreciative of Bangtan? The reason is that I suffered from mild depression and BTS although them not knowing my existence, really helped me improve my mental health condition. With their lyrics in their songs speaking about hardwork and success can be possible once you only believed in yourself. Thanks to my friends who introduced me to BTS. Because of BTS, I have learned to live and enjoy little things. I have realized that each and everyone of us have our own fight. Thank you BTS for being the inspiration for me to fight. Again thank you for existing, Hyungs!